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2024-04-181 Min read
AI audio algorithms

As an Audio-as-a-Service pioneer, we offer ready-to-use, accessible, efficient, and scalable audio processing and analysis capabilities. To allow you to make the most of your free credits offered upon sign up, we just expanded your dashboard with an amazing sandbox.

How to easily use our algorithms?

We target audio developers and creative industries (music, cinema, audiovisual, social sharing platforms) tech team, to empower them with AI-driven audio features. Yet not everyone is willing to set up an API call to begin playing with our groundbreaking processors and analyzers. We heard that and got you covered with the “Tasks” feature, available right now from the user dashboard.

AI audio algorithms


  • Take a complete tour: Click the “+” button, select the module among Voice, Music, or Tools category, run your first job, and repeat.
  • The files of your choice: Wether you have your benchmark track or the one you’re currently working on, simply upload from your computer.
  • Review your tasks history: On the left-hand side menu click on “Tasks” to access a complete recap of your past and current tasks, with status, credits consumption, and download button.
AI audio algorithms

Get started

👉 Simply access your user dashboard and create your first task.

Need any help? Click on the question mark in the left-hand side menu to contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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