Quality Check

Secure your hi-res audio workflow consistency and safeguard your brand.
Don't take file header data for granted; actual audio content has its own truth. By applying our audio signal expertise, we achieve the most reliable results, without false positives, even on old classical recordings.

Audio quality check

Combination of 3 criteria

The quality is evaluated by combining bit resolution, frequency range, and channel configuration, which allows a granular verdict, from low resolution to CD, semi hi-res, and hi-res.

Automatically check audio compliance with the quality header data

For hi-res and CD-quality audio sound banks, SFX libraries, download stores, and streaming platforms.

Audio quality check

Bit resolution report

The analyzer detects the actual bit resolution used in the audio stream.

Audio quality check

Frequency range

Is an upsampled version of an original audio recorded at a lower sample rate?

Audio quality check

Channel analysis

Reveals how the audio channel is used (mono, out-of-phase, muted).

Act now

What if a self-proclaimed hi-res platform were to fool its customers by providing CD or lower quality audio? We did a little benchmark and unveiled concerning data, to say the least.


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