Stereo to Spatial

Automated stems spatialization to streamline your spatial audio workflow.
Stereo to Spatial is the technological result of IRCAM-Centre Pompidou audio lab’s expertise and priceless feedback from music industry experts, sound engineers and artists.

Our approach

AI-spatialized stems

Streamline your spatial audio mastering with spatial-ready single stems, the most user-friendly and cost-effective way to embark on the promising spatial journey!

Our expertise

Spatialization from stereo

No effect, neither artefact nor reverberation, that would distort the artistic intent. Our unique technology seizes the entire 360° sound space in the listening experience.

AI-companion to spatialize audio

For artists, sound engineers, Digital Audio Workstation

5 presets to choose from

Simply pick the best option recommended by our experts, by genre, timbre, ambiance, ...

Binaural rendering available

Evaluate right away how good the result sounds on any device, you should really feel it!

All immersive formats compatible

Get your stems spatialized, whatever format you're targeting at the mastering

Enough words,
Time to listen

Enjoy these results, powered by our API

Start your
integration now

Fast and seamless integration into your app, software, supply chain, ...


Try before you

Our free trial awaits, with 60 credits on sign-up you can take a complete ride, no credit card required

Pay as you go

The best way to start at your own pace.

Only pay for what you use.

Billed at month end.

Usage capped at 500 credits per month.


Best value

Up to 50% off through recurring usage.

No time commitment.

Fee payable in advance.

Flexibly change your tier at any time.

For off package credits, a 25% markup will apply.


Tailored to your enterprise grade needs.

Custom pricing based on volume.

Priority support.

No concurrent processing restriction.

No usage cap.

Want more?

With spatial-ready stems, the spatial mastering of a complete album will only take 1 day in studio or your DAW, for a state-of-the-art result