AI-Generated Detector

Secure a fair and transparent environment for music consumption on streaming platforms. We're proud to present the first-of-is-kind tool to tag AI-generated tracks at scale, empowering the music stakeholders to bring the balance between artificial and genuine creation.

AI Generated music detector

Our expertise

Multiple music AI models support

Our algorithm is able to detect the patterns that each model inevitably follows, even the most advanced.

Automated AI-generated music detection

For digital streaming platforms, download stores, distributors, PROs/CMOs, publishers, and record labels to take action

AI Generated music detector

Extreme performance

We detect AI-made musical track with 98,5% accuracy

AI Generated music detector

Confidence score

Personalize your threshold for manual check according to your workflow

AI Generated music detector


Easily integrated into your supply chain to scan thousands a day new tracks stream

AI-generated music is flooding the streaming platforms

Automated detection is the one-and-only weapon the industry needs to tag these tracks as such, before taking action


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