Infringement Detector

Identify and qualify every use of copyrighted audio across User Generated Content platforms.
IRCAM-Centre Pompidou lab’s decades of sound research enable us to go beyond legacy fingerprinting and add melody, phonetic, and granular layers to detect every use of modified and distorted audio.

Infringement Detector

Modified audio detection

Be it sped-up, slowed versions, mashups, multi-track videos, with the original content in hand, we'll detect every type of audio modification that anybody can share on platforms today.

Automatic Content Recognition

For digital distributors rights protection on UGC and DSP (YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Meta, ...)

Infringement Detector

Segment locator

We provide the exact copyright infringement section with timestamps, ready to be claimed

Infringement Detector

Suspicious content import from UGC platforms

We perform fully automated UGC regular scans for matching content to review through our detection algorithm

Infringement Detector

Down to 1 second recognition

On YouTube videos shorter than 30 seconds do not get scanned, we do

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From 235 official tracks a world-renowned distributor uncovered 10K tracks making usage of their copyrighted content, still counting