Talk Analyzer

Turn any vocal interaction into qualitative and behavioral data. Our signal analysis algorithm coupled with IRCAM lab refined functions measures most of the prosodic variables and produces a complete report of voice characteristics along the whole recorded speech.

Vocal analyzer

Vocal analysis expertise

Extended prosodic data

This comprehensive and granular (average, min/max, ratio, counts, timestamped) range of data will power critical insights to make vocal recordings speak

Vocal Analyzer

Suitable for voice training, vocal assistants, speech therapy, voice health monitoring, and call recording applications.

Vocal analyzer

F0 measure

Get the frequency average and pitch variation along the speech, determine intonation, and provide gender and age indications.

Vocal analyzer

Loudness measure

Get the voice power average and level variation along the speech, and determine expressiveness.

Vocal analyzer

Syllables count

Determine speaking rate.

Vocal analyzer

Silence detection

Count and measure the duration of silences.

Vocal analyzer

Hesitation detection

Count and measure the duration of hesitations.

Let's speak!

Voice fuels our digital lives (vocal messages, vocal assistants, podcasts, and IoT). Businesses and organizations need to analyze this ever-growing volume of data to build the future of vocal interactions.


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