Introducing AI-Generated Detector: Identify AI tracks at scale

2024-04-032 Min read
Introducing AI-Generated Detector: Identify AI tracks at scale

We’re proud to offer the first-of-its-kind tool designed to detect if a musical track was generated by artificial intelligence: AI-Generated Detector. Not just samples or loops but entirely created from a text-to-music AI solution, which many are attracting the consumer market. Challenges are high for the music industry around this game-changer trend, so it's better to be equipped with the right tool to face them.

The AI-made music tsunami

Generative AI brings as many opportunities as threats, and raises more questions than answers. First visuals, then voices, now video. Music creation is not left apart. The thing is, until early last year, the generative AI music models were only for developers, implying technical audio skills, or provided to a few influencers to perform beta-tests. But consumer applications soon followed, allowing just anyone to create a music track or a dozen from simple text prompts. On top of that it’s free of charge for the first tracks and affordable plans allow for enterprise scale. To the point that these fake creators are not just here just for fun: they are building a real business around their instantly generated compositions (all you have to do is follow this 8 steps framework). As these models are now able to produce industry-standard quality, easily surpassing the initial poor quality mono 128Kbps tracks, tracks generated are spreading all over streaming platforms. What to do with these tracks? And as a starting point: What volume are we talking about? Let’s address this!


  • Multiple music AI models support: Our algorithm is able to detect patterns that each model inevitably follows, even the most advanced ones. We’re regularly adding new models to cover the entire spectrum.
  • Extreme accuracy: We currently reach a 98,5% success rate.
  • Confidence score: The higher the score, the greater the reliability; you can set a personalized threshold under which further checks are taken, if necessary.
  • Scalability: Our infrastructure is built to seamlessly analyze the industry’s largest catalogs and incoming streams
  • API-First: Ready to be integrated into your workflow, with no upfront cost.

Know your enemy

To make informed decision one needs intelligence. Dealing with AI-generated tracks makes no exception to the rule. With automated detection you’ll be able to tag such tracks among your catalog before submitting them to the platforms. DSPs’ quality control team can integrate to scan the thousands daily submitted and flag the artificially created tracks.

👁️ Empower your team with this ultimate weapon. Backed with data, music stakeholders will be able to make the appropriate decisions, wether it’s to take down, freeze or cut royalties, or to hide them from search.

👉 Go to Product page: AI-Generated Detector

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