Introducing AI Re-editor: Make it short but keep it real

2024-04-251 Min read
Introducing AI Re-editor: Make it short but keep it real

We're very proud to present the latest addition to our Audio-as-a-Service platform: AI Re-editor. Re-editing is the practice of altering a recorded song by repeating, reordering, or removing sections of the original recording. Combining analysis and processing AI, our new product automates this task to shorten a track and match a target duration, while carefully preserving the artistic intention.

Music is not ready for short form content

Long after radio edits became the norm for musical radio stations, the “shorter, the better” trend has now permeated every corner of content creation. It is often considered the top practice to follow to reach the audience. As a result, the demand for short audio clips is rising exponentially, driven by social sharing platforms' dedicated short formats (Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, obviously), video marketing, or music download stores' preview clips. Often, when the audio dimension comes second, the tools offered to edit it remain very basic. None feature specifically matches the video duration other than cutting the track to the desired duration, leaving behind much of the artistic intention and eventually missing the point to complement and reinforce the conveyed message.


  • State-of-the-Art algorithm: Multi-step process including acoustic analysis, section isolation, comparison, and combination, among others.
  • Versatility: Highly effective in shortening musical tracks of all genres, performance may decrease in extreme cases only.
  • Flexibility: The content creator can opt for strict target duration or fidelity reproduction, to meet each project’s requirements and objectives.
  • Scalability: Wether you integrate to enable thousands video makers to re-edit audio on the fly, your store customers to enjoy beautifully rendered preview clips, or generate short edits to fit your tight radio schedule, our infrastructure is ready

Explore the audio short form power

👉 Go the AI Re-editor product page to sign up and instantly generate shortened versions.

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