Introducing Loop Extractor: Your seamless audio loop finder

2024-02-281 Min read
How to make seamless audio loops easily?

The audio processing revolution never stops! Let us present the latest addition to our one-stop shop: Loop Extractor. We finally bring a response to one of the most anticipated needs for every audio/video creator: How to make seamless audio loops easily? Our algorithm identifies all the loops in a track, ready-to-use in your video app or audio editor.

When does the perfect loop start and end?

One may not be aware of it but loops are everywhere. It is established like the simplest yet effective creative trick to extend a track, by repeating the better sounding part, often instrumental, over and over (think of “edit” versions).

Audio loops perfectly matching looping videos will significantly boost the intended effect and increase users’ engagement. But as simple as it sounds it is a highly technical operation. First you need to “spot” the potential sections of the track to create a seamless loop, either by looking at the waveform to eyeball when the loop starts and ends, or by listening to the track with a musically trained ear. Then selecting the in and out points, while preserving the measure integrity, often results in very tricky manual work. Only a machine-assisted process will perform this task perfectly. With Loop Extractor, we have casual and hobbyist producers covered.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Each and every loop identified: As many as loops contained in a track, from the most obvious to the most unexpected.
  • Download all the loops at once: Because each loop’s worth it, each will find its use, for your users’ delights.
  • CD-quality WAV format: Suitable for high-quality production workflow in DJ-mix software and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, or Reaper.
  • Scalability: Ready to process loops out of thousands of tracks, with no upfront cost.

Grant your users the power to make perfect-sounding loops

With this “loop-for-all” innovation, at last the automatic audio loop dream comes true! Social video apps, DJ mix software, and DAW, take a step forward and integrate this new feature.

Just a little taste of the ability you’d bring to the table with those seamless loops out of a classical recording (yes, without beats!):

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