Introducing Quality Check: Ultimate audio quality control

2024-02-211 Min read
How to check audio content compliance with file header format?

Welcome to the audio processing revolution! We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our one-stop shop: Quality Check. Designed as the most reliable audio quality control on the market, it represents the go-to solution in empowering hi-res audio services to maintain quality standards across the value chain.

The file format header should always be challenged

In today's era of democratized access to production tools, a confirmed artist recording in professional studios and a bedroom producer share the same stage. While it allows the latter and every creator with an idea to execute it, it also opens the door for turnarounds and trade-offs at several steps of the production chain. A file of a certain bitrate can be easily converted or better said encapsulated into a higher bitrate container, as an example. That means if you’re offering a hi-res audio service (loops or samples bank, download store, streaming platform, internet radio), chances are high that some of the actual audio content quality you provide to your customers differ from what it is announced in the files header. Wether it’s the frequency range, the bit resolution, or the channel content not matching hi-res formats, clients are simply fooled. Same goes for CD-quality service registering lossy mp3 content, without notice.
Quality Check allows a quality content audit to make informed decisions by performing an expert audio signal analysis for a professional quality verdict.

Key features and benefits

  • Aggregation of 3 criteria: comprehensive yet granular audio quality evaluation, based on frequency range usage, bit resolution, and channel analysis
  • Quality flags: unveiling the quality detected versus the expected quality (that of the file header) let you appreciate the real quality of the audio to take the appropriate action, according to your policy
  • Scalability: ready to be integrated through our API, our batch processing capabilities allow you to scan thousands of tracks within minutes

Secure your hi-res audio supply chain now

Proceed to an audit of your hi-res catalog with Quality Check as soon as possible, before your value propositon as a hi-res provider gets harmed. Just a little teaser: Based on a benchmark we ran, the majority of the content from DIY distributors was lower quality than CD, but more surprisingly, concerns were raised from major and independent distributors as well…

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