Introducing Talk Analyzer: Your Voice Intelligence enabler

2024-05-301 Min read
Introducing Talk Analyzer: Your Voice Intelligence enabler

During our Audio-as-a-Service platform launch, we focused our efforts on products designed to empower creative industries to harness the power of audio editing and processing AI. The music industry in particular, for whom AI has the power to transform the way we produce, publish, distribute, and monetize music. However the IRCAM-Centre Pompidou lab algorithm treasure trove we’re attached to encompasses all things audio, and we have much to offer in the voice field as well. Today we’re thrilled to add Talk Analyzer to our roster, the speech analyzer to make vocal recording speak.

Voice is the new medium of choice

While the early ages of the internet and the massive adoption of smartphones changed our consumption and communication habits to reading, writing, chatting, and texting rather than speaking, millennials and Gen Z are now more vocal than ever. The development of artificial intelligence and large language models allows us, humans, to interact, command, and even engage in conversation with machines, virtual assistants, and connected devices in our everyday lives. Thus, the need to analyze, tag, and classify all these ever-growing amounts of vocal recordings arises. It’s a goldmine waiting to be leveraged. From the audio signal of a person’s voice, how do we analyze the pitch, volume, rhythm, and flow variations as information and actionable data? And given the exponential volume, far beyond the human analysis scale, how do we automate this task? Well, simply pass the audio recording into our speech analyzer, and you’ll get a complete view of the voice characteristics.


  • Comprehensive quantitative data: From regular values along the speech to average and ratio calculation, the F0, loudness, syllables, silences and hesitations will be completely mapped.
  • Critical data to extract insights: The data gathered will help to assess and determine demographics and behavioral information inherited from the speech, like gender, age, intonation, expressiveness, and speaking rate.
  • Scalability: Our file-based API allows concurrent vocal recording analysis at a large scale, delivering near real-time results.

Make your speech recordings speak

👉 Go to Talk Analyzer Product page for in-depth features coverage and sign up to give it a try!

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