Supercharge your value chain: Lyrics transcription and alignment workflow

2024-01-254 Min read
Lyrics transcription and alignment automated workflow

Have you ever wondered about the time and effort it takes for your content management team to align song lyrics with audio (given that they actually got their hand on an exploitable lyrics file)? Have you ever think of lyrics alignment as a revenue generator rather than a cost center? Join us as we explore the transformative power of seamlessly synchronizing lyrics, not only streamlining your supply chain operation but also engaging your audience and increasing revenues.

The synchronization struggle: Aligning lyrics for marketing campaigns and streaming platforms

In the traditional landscape, aligning lyrics with audio demanded serious effort from your supply chain or digital content operators. Picture the challenges of manual synchronization, where every has to be meticulously aligned. Navigate the complexities faced by teams in charge of lyrics sync, striving for efficiency. Not only does lyrics alignment represent one of many operations of the supply chain that need to be fulfilled, but it also implies taking certain actions beforehand, which are often overlooked.

Let’s be honest on what aligning a song lyrics with the audio really takes:

1) Obtain the lyrics file from the songwriter/publisher or manually transcribe the lyrics

2) Properly format the lyrics file

3) Evaluate content for Parental Advisory label

4) Manually place lyrics word-by-word or phrase-by-phrase in sync with the audio, with tedious back and forths, or submit them to a lyrics distribution service (Musixmatch, LyricFind Inc., Genius, etc.)

5) Do so for each target language the lyrics will be translated to

6) Produce and upload the official lyrics videos

The Synchronization Revolution: A Seamless Workflow

A seamless process of aligning lyrics with audio couldn’t be efficient or impactful without tackling each one of these preparatory and quality assurance tasks that someone must definitely take care of. From isolating vocal stems to translating lyrics, we can envision a complete workflow to ensure a streamlined synchronization process. This will not only enhance the overall quality of your content but also enable your team to really leverage lyrics as a true asset and game-changer.

Our complete automated workflow around lyrics integration your team could take advantage of

Automatically isolating voice to get the cleanest vocal material

This truly is the starting point of a transformative game-changer in lyrics synchronization: extracting the raw material from which we’re about to build the entire workflow. Our cutting-edge technology employs advanced audio processing algorithms to identify and separate vocal sung elements from the instrumental backdrop. Specifically trained for this purpose, it is tailored to this use case, with nothing comparable to traditional speech-to-text models (which are trained to identify, well, spoken voice). This will enable the highest level of precision in capturing the artist's vocal nuances while eliminating the need for manual isolation. The outcome is a clear, isolated vocal stem that lays the foundation for the most precise lyric transcription.

Automatically transcribing lyrics with song-based model

The lyrics transcription we need at this step is all about capturing the artist's expression authentically. Our state-of-the-art transcription tools utilize natural language processing and machine learning to convert audio lyrics into written text. This advanced technology not only ensures accuracy but also considers characteristics such as tone, rhythm, and emotional cadence. It takes into account melodic pronunciation and stretched-out word or syllables turned sentence-long.
With this musically-processed transcription, your teams are spared from the tedious task of manually transcripting lyrics, let alone back and forth communication with the songwriters/label’s artist manager to get the lyrics file!

Automatically translating lyrics to widen your artist’s reach

Following this seamless path to efficiency must not prevent your digital content operations from team to grab additional opportunities down the road. The lyrics have this ability, transcended by the music, to resonate with people’s personal lives. For the audience to connect with the semantics dimension of the artist you can’t limit it to the original language. Our translation engine leverages machine translation algorithms and linguistic analysis to provide accurate and culturally nuanced translations of the lyrics.
This empowers your supply chain staff to effortlessly localize content for global audiences, opening new avenues for international market penetration.

Automatically align lyrics word-by-word, for multiple languages

At this step, everything should be ready for the “a-ha moment”. Through an automated process, our solution seamlessly syncs lyrics files with audio tracks, eliminating the painstaking manual effort. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our tool precisely aligns each word to every beat and note, ensuring pixel-perfect synchronization. As an output you’ll get fully time-stamped synced lyrics file, in SRT format, ready to be delivered for fans enjoyment around the world.
Thanks to all the preparatory, cleaning and enhancement operations seamlessly run beforehand, combined with our algorithm accuracy, the quality assurance effort from your digital content management team will be reduced to a strict minimum (meaning near zero), for a synchronization volume not humanly achievable.

Speaking of volumes look at what this major distributor have to say:

What used to be a time-consuming process of manually syncing lyrics is now streamlined, boosting our productivity by over 200%.

Kamal Ben Saïd, Warner Music Group
Lyrics transcription and alignment automated workflow

The Downstream Advantage: Enhancing User Experience and Boost Engagement

Integrating this synchronized lyrics complete workflow will greatly improve your supply chain team efficiency. That’s one side of the scope. But it will have numerous positive downstream outcomes.
With perfectly transcribed, translated and synchronized lyrics, the DSP lyrics submitting process will be completed in a breeze, and you’ll have one box ticked off the platforms requisite list, impacting positively your invaluable scorecard. Music videos with official synced lyrics and singalong feature activated on the streaming platforms both will boost users engagement, while localized lyrics content will deepen the bond with regional audiences. Thus the long-term revenue.
This is not just about synchronizing lyrics; it's about revolutionizing the entire digital content supply chain and user experience strategy.

Elevate Your Content, Supercharge Your Supply Chain, Achieve more with less

Leverage the lyrics assets to the max across the different touchpoints, while freeing up your digital content team‘s valuable time and energy for more strategic initiatives: real luxury these days.

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