Music Tagger

Unique timestamped insights and metadata to leverage your music catalog.
We offer a complete musical profile for metadata tagging combined with sharp timestamped insights to use as cue points.

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From genre, mood, key, and BPM, to complete instrumentation, tempo variation, and vocal register, we make the music speak


We break down the structure into timestamped similar parts and highlight the most meaningful section as a summary, ready to be leveraged

Music analysis

For metadata tagging, marketing assets creation, discovery, playlist and recommendation engines


Provides the timestamp of the music climax, the point where a sudden change of rhythm or bass line occurs.


Provides the timestamp and duration of the song section

where a singer voice is heard.

All-in-one endpoint

Complete musical profile and those invaluable temporal markers through a single API call

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Used by the world's best companies

Music can speak

Time has come to reveal the many hidden gems of your catalog, with smart data that will power music discovery and ready-to-use clips for content creators and music supervisor to cherish

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