Vocal Separator

Elevate your content management workflow and unlock creativity with pristine quality vocal and instrumental separator.
By leveraging IRCAM-Centre Pompidou lab’s decades of audio signal expertise we’ve been able to build the ultimate musical maestro model achieving bit perfect deconstruction.

Vocal Separator

Vocal separator expertise

Demix instead of raw isolation

Beyond isolation, our separator is able to demix vocal and background tracks, resulting in bit perfect deconstruction with no quality loss, as the 2 output stems remixed will really equal the original material. Every bit of the extracted tracks remains untouched, you end up with authentic stems even if they haven’t been recorded as such!

Vocal separator

For records labels and publishers marketing and content management workflow, lyrics transcription and alignment, voice cloning, MR removing and any other creative projects

Vocal Separator

Extreme versatility

Able to discern sung vocals of various styles, including whispers in the background, across a spectrum of music genres, spanning both classical compositions and industrial noise tracks, regardless of their age or origin.

Vocal Separator

SDR of 9.3 dB

Signal-to-Distortion Ratio is a popular metric used in academia for measuring separation quality. Our SDR outpermforms many models of the industry (Demucs, Sony, Meta, Deezer's Spleeter, ...)

Vocal Separator


Isolate vocals and background at scale, seamlessly integrated to your workflow

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