Unlocking the Future of Music Industry: Join Us at Music Ally Connect 2024 in London!

2024-01-161 Min read
Unlocking the Future of Music Industry: Join Us at Music Ally Connect 2024 in London!

Mark your calendars! We're excited to share that we'll be a part of Music Ally Connect, a new two-day annual international music business executive conference which takes place on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd January 2024 in London, a recognised hub for the global music industry. It brings together international decision makers from across the industry to connect and discuss the key issues facing the business.
As pioneers in audio-as-a-service, we're set to take the stage and unveils how our groundbreaking audio processing algorithms and automation tools can reshape the music industry's landscape.
Music Ally Connect is the go-to resource for professionals and innovators alike, and we can't wait to contribute to this gathering of creative minds, with one of the most influential people in the business, including Universal Music Group’s EVP and Chief Digital Officer, and Roblox’s Head of Music Partnerships. Join us for an insightful talk, sharp and concise, to ignite necessary discussions on why music industry must once more reinvent itself.

What to Expect:

On this time of uncertainty, the music industry should aim for increased efficiency, focusing on areas with revenue opportunities but often overlooked.
Our mission: Empower creative industries with audio processing algorithms and automation tools to elevate their workflow.
Our talk will hint at how technology is here to help and sure could unlock new opportunities, improve and optimize workflows and supply chain, let alone create new business models.
Expect streaming hijacking antidote, catalog optimization, lyrics integration as a true asset.

Your host:
Romain Simiand, Product Director, 3.15pm Tuesday 23 January 2024.

Are you ready to streamline your workflows and explore revenue channels landscape? Join us at Music Ally Connect 2024 in London. Immerse yourself in the power of audio processing algorithms and automation tools, and let's embark on a journey to reshape the way we distribute, promote, and earn revenues from music. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation – secure your spot now!

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