Join us at Music Biz 2024

2024-05-081 Min read
Join us at Music Biz 2024

The Music Biz Annual Conference, organized by the Music Business Association, brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of the music business and foster long-lasting relationships.
For our second appearance at this highly anticipated event, we'll be tackling one of the music industry's most pressing issues of recent months: Quality.
Publishers, distributors, and streaming platforms are all striving for it, but the challenges are significant. AI analysis offers the potential to automate much of the quality assurance workflow, enabling scalability beyond what humans can achieve...

👉 Make sure to visit our booth on the show floor and take the opportunity to experience a demo of AI-Generated Detector, the only independent tool for identifying generated tracks. This empowers stakeholders in the music industry to make well-informed decisions. Our team members Nathalie Birocheau, Romain Simiand, Elias Karam, Andrew Stess, and Stephane Emeret will be delighted to meet you!

💪 Let's network, discuss, brainstorm, and work together to ensure a music ecosystem that prioritizes quality, fairness, and transparency.

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